The One For One Travel Alliance is a collective of visionary travel business leaders. They’ve rallied behind a mission of democratizing the tourism industry with inclusion for disadvantaged locals. They may be rivals in the sense that their brands offer unique, authentic, responsible tour services. But their vision for tourism’s role in the world brings them together as peers and friends. The genesis of the alliance came from Dominique Callimanopulos.



A true social innovator, Dominique was the first person to apply the one-for-one model to her travel business. She has personally vetted and hand-selected the best destinations to benefit from these excursions, and the best organizations and suppliers on the ground level to make them happen.

Dominique is the Founder and President of Elevate Destinations, an award-winning travel company and pioneer in the field of socially responsible luxury travel. Elevate design travel experiences that support conservation and local communities. Learn more about our industry-leading Buy A Trip, Give a Trip program.

“It is a fact that few locals have the means to visit the very sites that makes their countries attractive to tourists, who spend a lot of money traveling to those sites every year. I feel that offering the same opportunity to local youth sends a message of equanimity, empowerment, and equal opportunity to local communities and provides both an educational perspective and feeling of ownership of national resources for those communities. In the case of Africa, engaging locals is key to preventing poaching and preserving wildlife, so there is great benefit. This is how Buy a Trip, Give a Trip was born!”
— Dominique Callimanopulos